At Athletic Revolution, our goals are to increase your child’s overall strength, multi-directional speed, agility and core strength through smart, age appropriate, science based training.

While we are here to build strong bodies, through our training we strive to build character, self-confidence, teamwork, a strong work ethic and other life skills that go beyond the field, court and diamond.



  • With the emphasis on core strength and stability, your child will be introduced to a host of age appropriate strength and multi-directional speed exercises that will not only increase strength and agility but balance and first step quickness as well. Educating your child how to execute movement patterns and deceleration techniques are the key factors during this phase and will prepare your child for the High School weight room as well as decrease their chance of injury. Deceleration is seldom taught but is what sets most athletes apart. Changing direction quickly is absolutely essential to make it to the next level. H.S Coaches will notice right away that your that child is educated and skilled, which will give them a jump on the competition.

    Goals: To increase your child’s overall strength, multi-directional speed and agility as well as core strength all while boosting confidence through smart, age appropriate, science based training

  • Many high school athletes we see are already doing some type of strength and/or speed work at their school. Whether it be team training or Advanced P.E., the fact is there are many gaps in training simply because of a large number of students and time constraints. At Athletic Revolution, we work with athletes in a more personalized setting to fill those gaps as to not repeat but compliment and enhance what they have already been doing.   


    • Develop an explosive athlete with a strong core and a quick first step.
    • Increase size and overall strength.
    • Instilling a solid work ethic and self confidence.